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Dogs Who Look Like Other Things [imgur]

Previously: Bears Doing Human Things

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Felix Gonzalez-TorresUntitled (Perfect Lovers) 1991. Clocks, paint on wall.
Untitled (Perfect Lovers) consists of two clocks, which start in synchronisation, and slowly, inevitably fall out of time due to the failure of the batteries and the nature of the mechanism. In a moving comment on his personal experiences, the piece refers to Gonzalez-Torres’ HIV positive partner Ross Laycock, and his slow decline and inevitable death due to AIDS. The clocks act as two mechanical heartbeats; representative of two lives destined to fall out of sync, and holds a poignant poetry about personal loss and the temporal nature of life.
“Don’t be afraid of the clocks, they are our time, time has been so generous to us…We conquered fate by meeting at a certain time in a certain space…we are synchronized, now forever. I love you.”


Fun Fact: Morgan Freeman does his own stunts.

Fun fact: this was actually a two story window prior to Morgan Freeman sitting on the windowsill. Once the house realized who he was, it retracted itself into the ground to prevent injury to Morgan Freeman.
Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. Soren Kierkegaard (via psych-facts)


*phone vibrates while sitting on it*


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Be proud of every scar on your heart, each one holds a lifetime’s worth of lessons. Wallace Stegner (via feellng)

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You don’t remember what happened. What you remember becomes what happened. John GreenAn Abundance of Katherines (via feellng)


Coloured by nature

By artist Emily Blincoe

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White girl selfies. [video]

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How to Explain Amazon’s Kindle to Charles Dickens

As a student at Cardiff School of Art and Design, illustrator Rachel Walsh was asked to create a project that would explain something modern/internet-based to somebody who lived and died before 1900. 

Walsh’s innovative idea was to take a large book and create 40 miniature books from its pages in order to explain the kindle to Dickens. The covers are recreations from real books and include Dicken’s own novels, his favourite childhood books, and some of the artist’s own.


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